City Center Location

Lijnbaansgracht 241, 1017PH Amsterdam

Center-East Location

Windroosplein 96, 1018ZW Amsterdam

Take-over Fysio Punt Zuid

In early 2019, Physiotherapy & Training Amsterdam was founded by Benjamin Bos. Before this, he gained 20 years and had several practices of his own. From the start, Jesper Arkenbout, Benjamin’s former intern, helped build the practice. This has resulted in official cooperation since 2022. With their skill and expertise, they and the FTA team have been able to treat and guide many patients from the large location on Leidseplein in the gym Splash Healthclubs. To increase the practice’s accessibility and patient base, they bought a property in the east of the city centre in April 2022.

The New Building of Physiotherapy & Training Amsterdam

The building at Windroosplein was previously a residence, so it needed a lot of renovation. After a few months of construction work, they can (proudly) take advantage of the new location. The practice has 2 treatment rooms and a versatile exercise room. The exercise room is used for treatment but also for medical training. Physiotherapy & Training Amsterdam treats patients from both locations; location centre (Lijnbaansgracht 241) and location centre-east (Windroosplein 96). This expansion has created room for team expansion.

As if it was meant to be, Physiotherapy & Training Amsterdam got in touch with Erik Obbens. Due to circumstances, Physio Punt Zuid could no longer operate at their familiar
Stadionweg 63 existence combined with 2 of Erik’s mates retiring this practice ceased to exist. Fysio Punt Zuid was a group practice born out of ‘The First Group Practice’. The first group practice originated in 1971 as a collective of 4 physiotherapists. At the time, quite unique. After contacting Erik, it appeared that there might be an opportunity to provide a place for all the remaining colleagues. Eventually, a large part of the team from Fysio Punt Zuid joined the locations of Fysiotehrapie & Training Amsterdam.


Since September 2022, the team of physios has expanded. The physiotherapists who previously treated from Fysio Punt Zuid continue to see the same patients and carry out the same treatments, but from the new location in centre-east (Windroosplein 96). The websites have been merged and revamped, the phone numbers linked and the locations changed online. Meanwhile, hard work is being done behind the scenes to publicise this to avoid confusion. The enlarged team is happy to introduce itself to you. Under the heading team, you can meet the new colleagues. Feel free to drop by and do not hesitate to ask questions to the physios, the team will be happy to answer your questions.

Benjamin Bos

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