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Manual therapy

In manual therapy, the physical therapist specializes in the examination and treatment of patients with complaints of the spine. Manual therapy is suitable not only for complaints associated with pain, but also with worse joint movement based on pain, instability or just reduced mobility.

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Joints can also have excessive mobility. This can lead to instability and symptoms. In this case, the manual therapist can teach you to make your joints more stable through muscles with specific exercise recommendations.

Visit manual therapists Benjamin Bos  and Lieneke Geerts at Physiotherapy & Training Amsterdam, they are the specialists in this field.

What complaints does the manual therapist treat?

  • Low back pain, possibly with radiating pain to the legs or herniated disc symptoms;
  • Neck pain or a headache, in combination with poor movement of the spine;
  • Neck and shoulder pain with radiating pain into arms and/or fingers;
  • Rib cage pain when breathing or after a fall;
  • Osteoarthritis of the hip;
  • Forms of dizziness induced by movement of the neck;
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