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Shoulder Pain

A shoulder complaint is a common annoying physical problem. This can vary from complaints on the dominant side to complaints from the non-dominant side. The onset of symptoms can be sports related but can also be related to work posture or trauma (fall). In addition to the different mechanisms of origin, there are several conditions that can cause this pain: SAPS (Sub Acromial Pain Syndrome), Frozen Shoulder, Shoulder Instability.

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Duration of the complaint

Shoulder problems can sometimes be present for a long time before you see the physical therapist. To act appropriately, we adhere to the NHG standard on shoulder pain. Here, based on the symptom picture and the duration of the complaints, we establish (> or 3 months) a treatment plan on.< If the symptoms do not diminish during this period, we can, in consultation with your general practitioner, invite you to attend a specialist consultation in which orthopedist Dr. P. B. is present. S. Tulner uses ultrasound to provide insight into the shoulder before a follow-up policy is determined. Click here for more information about the specialist consultation.

In this way, we always work toward the solution with the goal of helping you function better within your daily movement activities.

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