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Psychic- and psychosomatic physiotherapy

Psychological- and psychosomatic complaints are complaints resulting from the balance between body, mind and environment. There is (usually) no direct physical cause for these complaints. Psychosomatic complaints are related to stress, overwork, tension, pain and fatigue.


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Some symptoms involving the health problem:

  • Some symptoms involving the health problem;
  • Depression or depressive feelings;
  • Burn-out;
  • Headaches and complaints of neck, back, pelvis, stomach/intestines and abdomen;
  • Extreme fatigue, inability to relax;
  • Chest pressure or palpitations;
  • Unexplained muscle and joint pain;
  • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing;
  • Feeling listless, irritable, restless or agitated;
  • Sleeping badly or just a lot;
  • Anxiety disorders;
  • Concentration problems;

Meanwhile, there is increasing awareness of these common problems. We are seeing more and more patients with similar complaints in this day and age. Within our team helps Alberta Dorreboom you gladly. She specializes in psychological and psychosomatic complaints and can help you regain balance. During treatment, she will guide you with restoring balance, finding balance between tension and relaxation and improving your load and load capacity. She teaches you how your body works and how you can influence it yourself.

Physical therapy and psychological and psychosomatic complaints

The physical therapist can guide you through:

  • Applying relaxation skills;
  • Improving breathing or breathing patterns;
  • Increasing your overall load capacity;
  • Developing and implementing a healthy lifestyle;
  • Sensing and respecting physical and psychological limits;

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