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Privacy policy

Personal Data Protection Act

If you are receiving treatment at FysiotherapieAmsterdam, your therapist will keep a patient record of you. This contains all medical and personal data important for treatment. The registration of this data is subject to the Personal Data Protection Act. This means that the following is established:

  1. the purpose of registration,
  2. What data are recorded,
  3. Which individuals have access to the file,
  4. The right of the patient or his legal representative to see his record.

Electronic patient record

  • In addition to your treating physical therapist, a number of other individuals have access to all or part of your records. These are the other physical therapists in the practice and any interns. All such persons are subject to a duty of confidentiality.
  • Your patient information will not be disclosed to third parties, including immediate family. Uw patiëntgegevens worden niet aan derden verstrekt, ook niet aan naaste familie. Even after death, the file is not made public.
  • Your patient records will not be discussed in front of other patients or third parties.
  • As part of your treatment, you may wish to consult with your primary care physician or specialist. If your treatment takes place after referral from the general practitioner or specialist, the patient’s consent is not required for this consultation. If your treatment is without a referral (direct access), the physical therapist must ask your permission for the consultation.
  • If your patient data is important for scientific research or education, we may use it only with your written consent. Your data will preferably be used in an anonymized form.
  • Upon completion of your treatment, your file remains digitally present within the Intramed software system.

Treatment rooms

To ensure your privacy, our treatment rooms are locked. The physical therapists have mutually agreed to enter the treatment room only with the permission of the treated physical therapist.

If you believe that the way your data has been handled violates the Personal Data Protection Act, you can use the complaints procedure of the Royal Dutch Society for Physical Therapy (KNGF).