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Steven van Nes

Personal trainer | Physiotherapist i.t.

Meet our physical therapist i.o. Steven! He is responsible for our solo medical and duo personal training. Steven’s affinity lies in strength training, fitness and (kick)boxing.

He graduated as a Sports & Exercise Coordinator in late 2019 and is currently in his final year of physical therapy. During his physiotherapy studies, he was able to gain a lot of experience at various sports medical centers and physiotherapy practices in Amsterdam. Here he was able to supervise and rehabilitate several (top) athletes.

In addition, he is a MILO certified personal trainer and is registered with the European Register of Practitioners in the Exercise. With Steven’s background of personal training, his goal is to to not only rehabilitate you, but to make you as fit and healthy as possible.

You can come to Steven for muscle building, fat loss, conditioning, strength, (kick)boxing training or health related goals with or without medical issues

Would you like to work with Steven on your personal goals in an efficient manner? Then send
an e-mail to to make an intake appointment.