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Jesper Arkenbout - ervaren fysiotherapeut

Jesper Arkenbout


| Headaches |

Jesper Arkenbout is a physiotherapist with extensive knowledge of work- and sports-related complaints. His expertise lies particularly in soccer and tennis. He performs these sports himself at a recreational high level. With his indoor soccer team, he plays national premier league.

Jesper was educated at the Hanze Hogeschool Groningen, specializing in sports physiotherapy, after which he settled in Amsterdam during his graduate studies. During this time, he successfully completed his graduate internship with his current colleague Benjamin Bos. Afterwards, Jesper was able to gain experience as an acting physiotherapist at Fysiotherapie Stadshart in Den Helder. In his first year as a practicing physical therapist, he took the Dry Needling course at Myopain DNS in Amsterdam. This is one of the tools in his “toolbox,” this combined with his empathy and focused attention per patient, makes Jesper able to help you with physical complaints in the broadest sense of the word.

Through participation in the REACH study, Jesper gained expertise in counseling PICS patients. This involves counseling people in our practice after ICU admission. Additionally, Jesper is thinking along for the follow-up REACH+ study to develop a tool to monitor people after ICU admission and/or COVID-19 infection in real time to further tailor care.


For an appointment or questions, e-mail or call 020 3304855.