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Ankle, knee and hip complaints

Most of the ankle injuries we treat occur after an ankle sprain. Most of the ankle injuries we treat occur after an ankle sprain. The ankle joint is formed by the ends of the lower leg, which stands like a fork over the top of the foot. With a sprain, lateral movement of the ankle joint cannot correct in time, causing the ankle ligaments to be stretched. Depending on the movement, the ankle loses stability or gets damaged.


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Ankle complaints

The physios at Physiotherapy & Training Amsterdam will help you build a good foundation for a full recovery. Restoring ankle stability can take a longer time, which can increase the likelihood of another sprain. Therefore, treatment and proper guidance is necessary. We provide the right support and tailor the rehabilitation to the individual.

Achilles tendon injuries

Achilles tendon complaints are also among the ankle complaints. The Achilles tendon is responsible for transmitting force from the calf muscle to the ankle. This tendon is subjected to quite a bit of pushing and pulling. Excessive intensity on the Achilles tendon can damage or even tear the tendon. Proper and expert support is essential for a good recovery.

Knee complaints

The knee is a complicated joint that can quickly cause injury because of its many structures. The knee can cause considerable restriction while performing daily activities, work or while playing sports. Specialized care is necessary to get rid of the symptoms. The physios at FTA are happy to help you with knee problems such as:

  • Temporary or permanent knee pain;

  • Temporary or permanent knee pain;

  • Damaged/ replacement inner or outer ligament of the knee;

  • Meniscus complaint;

  • Damaged or irritated cartilage;

  • Sweaters Knee;

  • Runners Knee;

  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome;

  • Arthritis;

  • Bakerse cyst;

  • New knee;

  • Hamstring injury;

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Hip pain

Injuries to the hip and groin are common. With hip pain, you may experience upper leg pain or groin pain. Hip pain can occur after you have slipped, made the same movement for a long time while playing sports, from an accident, overuse or wear and tear. The symptoms do not always come from the hip but can also come from the back, pelvis or knee. Hip pain can hinder you greatly and is a regular occurrence. Therefore, it is important to have a specialist examine the symptoms.

We ensure that the cause of the hip pain is found out so that we can apply appropriate, customized treatment. During treatment, we focus on the posture and movement of the joints, as well as optimize the stability of the surrounding muscles and tendons of your hip.

The most common causes of hip pain are:

  • Hip arthritis;

  • Mucosal inflammation;

  • Birth defects;

  • Sports;

  • An accident;

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