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Haptotherapy is a form of alternative psychotherapy that involves working with conversations, the so-called haptonomic touch and exercises in space that make the haptonomic principles palpable.

The goal is to develop greater awareness of one’s own functioning in relation to oneself and others. The goal is to develop a greater awareness of one’s own functioning in relation to oneself and others. Affectieve communication is very important in this case.


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Haptotherapy can work well for the following complaints:

  • Poorly understood and chronic pain
  • Stress-related problems in the body or in perception

Psychological problems such as:

  • Borderline
  • Post-traumatic stress syndrome
  • Depression
  • Eating or waste problems
  • HSP

If you want to know if haptotherapy might work for your problems, please do not hesitate to call so we can discuss. An intake is also available to determine if it is the right therapy for you. Our haptotherapist Alberta Dorreboom is originally a physical therapist and has been working in haptotherapy since 1996.

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