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fysio gespecialiseerd in duizeligheid

Elske Rahusen

Manual therapist and sports physical therapist
Specialisaties: Oedeem & CORE Mentale coaching en leiderschap

Elske Rahusen has long been involved in coaching high-level athletes, England’s National Men’s Hockey Team, talented young players and the Laren field hockey club’s major league team. In orthopedic, neurological as well as mental fields, she has accumulated a broad knowledge. In addition to sports, Elske has put her focus on treating musicians, gaining extensive experience in treating complex, neck, back, shoulder and hand problems. In doing so, she uses Mulligan’s manual therapy techniques, corestability, dry needling and lymphatic drainage according to Vodder’s method. Lymphatic drainage is used for specific edema treatment as well as for fluid accumulation and dysbalance occurring in (post-operative) general physical therapy and sports therapy.