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Willemijn Haalmeijer

Physical therapist i.o.

Willemijn works as an assistant physical therapist within Physiotherapy & Training Amsterdam. As a student of the dual variant of HBO Bachelor of Physical Therapy, she will complete her internships within our team and also participate in product and quality development within the practice. In addition, she will supervise medical exercise groups from her previous experience as a group instructor at a practice in Assen.

Raised in the far north (Groningen), Willemijn has already had a 3-year career in the Royal Navy. At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the understanding came that it would like to help people focused on health and a healthy lifestyle. That’s how this switch came about. In her first year of physical therapy school, she immediately joined a practice and there she was responsible for various sports classes such as pilates, hydrotherapy & circuit training. In doing so, experience has been gained in coaching and guiding athletes as well as people who are working towards a healthy lifestyle.

As an athlete, Willemijn likes to push the limits. For example, as an avid cyclist, she completed a solo bike ride from Groningen to the Eiffel (southern Germany) and within 24 hours she cycled around the borders of the province of Groningen with some friends á 340 km.

You will meet Willemijn during treatment with Benjamin or Jesper and at training calls. Where Willemijn hopes to develop to graduate as a physical therapist in 2024!